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Be nurtured

and encouraged

Mission u, a transformative experience designed to recharge and refocus your faith. Offering study on biblically grounded curricula, Mission u motivates, informs, and enriches our commitment to create a more just and equitable world, locally and globally. To learn more about Mission u, download and print a brochure.

Mission u reflects the theology of The United Methodist Church and the practice of joining personal holiness with social holiness.  Through worship, in-depth study, music, prayer, sharing and exploring, we invite you to grow with us in understanding the mission of the church.

West Ohio Mission u is sponsored by the the West Ohio United Women in Faith and West Ohio Conference of the United  Methodist Church

Adult Curriculum

“Living the Kin-dom: Exploring the Lord’s Prayer as a Spiritual Practice for Social Transformation.  This curriculum explores the Lord’s Prayer as it is recorded in Matthew 6:9-13.  It is an invitation to take a deeper look at the prayer and the role it plays in our faith journeys.  Moving from personal to communal application, the curriculum explores how the Lord’s Prayer helps us “live the kin-dom” and become a reflection of God’s love to the world.”

Purchase the book, “Living the Kin-dom” at; cost: $14.99 +shipping

Amazon (Kindle); cost: $5.95

Youth Curriculum


“Seek and You Shall Find:  Living in the Kin-dom”.  In this youth curriculum the overarching theme is teaching youth to find the kin-dom within the world around them and how to live what they have learned.  Each of the eight sessions builds upon the one before it to introduce participants to finding the kin-dom in the world around them, and how to tell others about the kin-dom.

All materials will be supplied for youth attending Mission u.

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