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2021 Mission u Offering

every gift matters...

As United Methodist Women striving to improve the lives of women and children, we are excited to share our 2021 Mission u offering with a West Ohio Conference upcoming event, Building Bridges Community Experience on October 14-15, 2021.


One of the five areas of focus this year is family resilience and kinship support. Relatives are now playing a huge role in raising young children whose parents experience incarceration. Kinship support is HUGE in helping relatives provide stable, healthy homes for children of the incarcerated. The theme this year is Everyone In. The goal is to inspire, connect and create collaborative opportunities for every community member to identify something they can do to support more successful reentry and community transformation. 


Our Mission u offering is split each year. The second cause for 2021 is our WOC UMW Mission Giving. Mission Giving allows the work of United Methodist Women to reach far beyond the church walls and into the lives of women, children and youth around the world who are often outside the bounds of traditional ministries. Mission Giving contributes to missions, spiritual formation, programs for membership development, and outreach in the US and international communities. Through their generosity, United Methodist Women members transform the lives of women, youth, and children in the United States and around the world.

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