West Ohio Conference

One of the advantages of Zoom is the ability for us to record the Annual Celebration for everyone to watch, especially those who could not be with us in person. For your convenience, we have also provided edited versions of the Key Note by Sung-ok Lee, the Panel Discussions, Bishop Palmer's address and the videos provided by National. Please share these videos with your units and friends who may have missed the event. 

Just like at our traditional in-person events, Sung-ok Lee challenged us to take social action. Click the Button to the left to take action on the Counseling Not Criminalization Campaign. And don't forget to make your gift to Mission Giving.

Annual Celebration Offering 

The offering for Annual Celebration will be going to Mission Giving. You can send a check to your Local or District Treasurer or send directly to the Conference Treasurer, Connie Hook. Be sure to indicate "Mission Giving" in the memo line. If you would like to make your offering electronically, you can go directly to the National United Methodist Women website and click the red "Give Thanks. Give now." button.