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Annual Advent Study


Advent--an opportunity to prepare for God to come into our midst as human just like us.



We invite you to connect with God in this special season. Let's explore together what it means to experience the hope, peace, joy, and love offered to us in the coming of Christ.



November 27 thru December 18

4:00pm-5:15pm ET


There will be a special introduction to the series on November 20; 4-4:45pm.

Each week will focus on a theme. You will be provided with daily contemplative practices designed for individual reflection. Our weekly gathering will be a communal opportunity to go more deeply into "who we can be together" as we make our way through this sacred season.


Week 1: Slow Down and Hope

Week 2: Simplify for Peace

Week 3: Sit with Joy

Week 4: Savor God's Love

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